Kickass and the scammers

Kickass. the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is setting up a scam contest between “Raymond” and “Suzanne” as they respond to his internet ad for the sale of extra wheels and tires from the 2015 Subaru lost in a collision several months ago.  Both Raymond and Suzanne are offering certified checks, of course, and Raymond says he will add $70 to the keeper’s asking price, while Suzanne says she will add $50.  Unfortunately, Raymond and Suzanne have “work frames” that prevent them from coming to look at the wheels and tires, but each one will “arrange pickup” as soon as the keeper cashes their certified check and does other stupid things.

Somewhere in the keeper’s cluttered files there is an uncashed certified check for several hundred dollars from the would-be purchaser of a snow-blower who lived in Hawaii.

The wheels and tires will sell eventually to a legitimate buyer, and in the meantime the keeper is waiting for more developments in the scam contest: Maybe Suzanne will top Raymond’s $70, which would give the keeper a rare opportunity to deal with a female scammer as most of them seem to be male.





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