Kickass and the seat heater switch

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the old saw about old dogs and new tricks never had a more apt application than with the keeper who, after two years of driving it, has finally found the controls for the seat heaters in his vehicle.  This occurred only with the help of Phyllis, who, having recently joined the keeper from her warm home in Arizona, had some obvious interest in not freezing her own fanny and henceforth got the keeper’s vehicle seat heaters going.

Maybe with Phyllis on board, it will no longer be necessary for the keeper to pull off the road to find the GD switch to turn off the flashers that somehow get turned on.

It is probably too much to hope for but maybe the keeper might even learn that to release the door locks so Phyllis can get in the passenger door, you do not press the child-proof window lock switch. (It is these kinds of heavy duty concerns that occupy the keeper and prevent him from risking life and limb in meaningful areas such as politics, which Kickass sees as a good thing.)



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