Kickass and the SF movie

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper’s writing on his SF movie, “You Ain’t Gonna Believe This” goes on apace, partially based on the “My Pillow” guy being at the White House, and Ron Johnson writing that it is fine to die.  Some of the movie action is as follows:

Scene: Planet Earth spinning in space. Critical chunks of Earth begin to hurtle off into the firmament as narcissistic, thug-like Earthlings kick at the atmosphere in the interests of personal profit.

An insidious villainous virus, named after a Mexican beer, attacks Earth and begins to kill thousands of innocent Earthlings.  In one of the most famous Earth dwellings the most powerful comedian of all time holds a press conference and introduces a character identified as “My Pillow,” who advises everyone to save their fannies by reading a book written by old men who believed you could walk on water if you really believed you could.

In a subsequent scene, involving lots of death and dying, a character named “Johnson from Wisconsin” tells Earthlings that while dying may not be fun, it is the thing to do in the interests of saving corporations owned by the rich like him.

In the climactic movie scene, the Earth takes on the oval shape of an egg, and there is a polluted interstellar cloud formation that spells out, “Go Packers!” as a chorus sings “Dang Me!”





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