Kickass and the shingle-nail shooter


Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is reminded by Phyllis’s son Todd and granddaughter Alexis who attended a recent Blackhawk game in Chicago, of the time he—the keeper attended one such game in the course of doing a story about sports fans for the Tribune’s Sunday Magazine.  Standing with several ushers after the game, a man standing next to the keeper suddenly slapped his head and then retrieved a bent shingle-nail from his hair.  The nail had come from somewhere high in the empyting stands with enough slingshot, bullet-like velocity to pierce skin and flesh, or an eye.  Several of the ushers ran off to search for the shooter, and another said this was not the first time such a thing had happened.  It is difficult to comprehend someone doing such a dangerous, dastardly thing in the name of entertainment.  Todd and Alexis obviously will enjoy the game and will not encounter such abject meanness.  The sports fan story won an honorable mention in national competition, which probably had less to do with the shingle-nail shooter and more to do with the elderly Catholic sister who prayed Notre Dame to a miraculous victory during a blizzard.

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