Kickass and the shooter

Kickass, the doorstop dog, frequently has suggestions for the keeper in maintaining a degree of relevance in his daily ranting, but he comes up empty with the fact that Robert E. Crimo III came within several miles of the keeper and Phyllis’s residence following Crimo’s unconscionable AK slaughter in Highland Park, Ill.

That Crimo, still possessing weapons, eluded Illinois authorities while disguised as a woman, and then drove his mother’s car to the Madison/Middleton area where he ditched his phone, and, according to his response to later questioning, contemplated another slaughter with the 80 or so rounds of ammunition he still had–all these undisputable facts leave the keeper and his neighbors speechless.

What to say?

“We didn’t get shot, nor did any of the kids at the school across the street.”

“There is no blood to mop up here, no mortuaries to call, no gut-wrenching shock and bottomless grief.”

         “That Crimo represents our collective actions regarding the mad-dog tantrums of narcissistic males whereby we hand them military machine guns and then wait to be slaughtered—that awful verity defies commentary, makes a mockery of ‘thoughts and prayers,’ and moves the keeper to keep his big mouth shut.”

         What to say?


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