Kickass and the sick puppy

Kickass, the doorstop dog, like the keeper, was impressed by the “sick puppy” phrase the POTUS used in a recent TV interview to describe Nancy Pelosi.  The image of a “sick puppy” interfered with the keeper’s thought process in trying to personalize another POTUS statement which said we will be “doing a good job” if the US coronavirus death toll is held to 100,000.  Given his age and health circumstances, the keeper is a candidate for inclusion in that number, and this has caused him to review some prior thoughts that were generated when certain political entities said it made sense for people to die if it would save the economy, at least some of the big corporations with their inflated exec salaries and stock buy-back policies.  It was the keeper’s thinking at the time that though he recognizes the importance of corporations, he was not ready to die to save them.  He still pretty much feels that way. And he also feels that a POTUS who calls a respected woman leader a “sick puppy” at a time when it is crucial to work together to fight the coronavirus, is himself exhibiting a sickness–a crippling narcissistic personality disorder that is responsible for the delayed coronavirus fight and a resulting increased death toll.

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