Kickass and the skunk lunch


Kickass, the doorstop dog, shares the keeper’s acceptance of all birds, so he—Kickass, is having a bit of a problem with the keeper’s set-to with the turkey vultures, those avian undertakers that show interest in things only after they are dead.  For years, the keeper has resented the fact that the vultures periodically circle the ridge as if they are checking out prospects.  The keeper has shaken his fist at the graceful flyers and told them to get away from him, it is not time!  So yesterday, the carrion eaters sailed in and before he—the keeper could take offense he discovered that the vultures were having a road-killed skunk lunch down below the ridge.  He—the keeper, spoke to the lunch participants: “Ha!  You bastards thought that stink on the wind was me, didn’t you.  Well, back off, big birds.  I’m still kickin’.  Enjoy your skunk lunch and then get the hell out of here.”

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