Kickass and the snow storm hummingbird

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that there may be no limit to Phyllis’s creative talents as evidenced by what happened in the midst of that crazy Mothers Day blizzard.  So Phyllis and the keeper recently moved into an independent living apartment on the 4th floor of Coventry on Madison’s west side, and Phyllis immediately broke out a red tablecloth for the hummingbird feeder she set up on a balcony table.  While the keeper had his doubts, within hours a hummingbird showed up, and then, incredibly, as that intense “blizzard” raged Sunday morning, a hummingbird flew in out of the thick, flying snow and fed repeatedly at Phyllis’s feeder.  It was a miraculous Mothers Day thing to witness, and the keeper gained even greater respect for the beautiful “mother” in his life: a woman who can get a hummingbird to fly out of a May snow storm to a 4th floor balcony for a sip of sugar water can do anything!

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