Kickass and the snowball tennis racket

Kickass. the doorstop dog, reports the keeper hard at work trying to revise history in regard to his one and only sister—Norma, who has a birthday coming up, and who continues to stand by a story that the keeper once convinced her that holding a tennis racket in front of her face would protect her from the snowball that the keeper was about to throw at her.

That the keeper was wrong about the protection aspect, as it turned out, and Norma got hit in the face by snowball remnants, this, in the keeper’s opinion, is not enough of  a childhood event to become a life-long family story that has surfaced through the decades at every family reunion and at some holiday gatherings.

The keeper sees a universal problem between siblings in regard to childhood stories, and suggests that there needs to be a “right-to-expunge” between brothers and sisters.  (More about his brother Orville later.)

The keeper wishes Norma a happy birthday and would send her a tennis racket as a birthday present, but her game is golf.

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