Kickass and the snowy party prep

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is trying to set an example for the keeper on how to stay calm as the weather closes in on the book launch party for his novel, Margaret’s War.  The party is scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday Jan 19 at his house on top of a Mazomanie ridge, reachable only by navigating a driveway similar to the road up Pike’s Peak.  After weeks of clear, uneventful winter weather, snow—1 to 3 inches—is predicted for Friday night on into Saturday morning.  It figures that the weather gods would do a number on Margaret’s War since the text makes some unflattering comments about gods of all kinds.  The keeper says not to worry, however.  He says he has enough snow-melt material and plowing equipment on hand to keep his driveway as clear as the Yellow Brick Road.  Further, thanks to grandson Beau and son Mike, there will be shuttle service from the road to the house in the interests of limited parking and timid drivers.  The keeper and Phyllis encourage people to consider the Margaret’s War launch party as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure; and in the unlikely event that party goers get snowed in at the keeper’s house, while there is only a limited supply of loaner pajamas, a good time for all would be practically guaranteed.

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