Kickass and the state of the union

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper joined Phyllis in staying up past their bedtime to watch the long drawn out political slow dance of the state-of-the- union speech when the nation’s leaders assembled in the same room to act like third graders.

The POTUS’s speech was a stem winder and demonstrated that while Biden may be an old man he is a crotchety old man who can tell accomplishment and decency from recalcitrance and absurdity and is not afraid to talk about it.

For a dozen years or so back in the dim ages, the keeper wrote a column for the old Milwaukee Journal which was called “The State of Things.”

Unlike Biden’s focus on improving “the state,” the keeper’s efforts tended to deal with such weighty matters as “the state” of roadside flowers or the quality of sunsets. The keeper, in fact once received a letter of appreciation from the wife of a blind man who said one of his “state of things” columns had helped her husband “see a sunset.”

The keeper puts that response up against last night’s vapid rebuttal speech that sounded like an overwrought, untalented, and arrogant high school sophomore reading for a part in the class play.

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