Kickass and the statue topplers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that the next misstep on the current march to total dumbness will be to identify those forward thinkers who brought the chains to Madison’s Capital Square that were used to pull down the respected statues of Miss Forward and Col. Heg; and to reward them with scholarships for being such capable planners–as well as anonymous yahoos willing to sacrifice desperately needed positive social movement just to exercise their spoon-banging, childish lack of personal discipline.

They are leeches feeding on the mortally wounded moral carcass of humanity, or worse—maggots at its corpse.  They find safely in anonymity and perverted self justification in their attachment to the honorable multitudes who seek to pull civilization just a little bit more out of the muck.

As Pogo would put it “They are us,” or parts of us that carry the larger loads of dumbness, and they show up wherever the action is, particularly if it gives then an opportunity to be anonymous yahoos, again.

Reaction to such outrageousness is often outrageous in itself, and certainly somewhere some misguided individual is taking up a collection to help the statue-topplers pay for the chain.  Most, however, would like to catch them and squeeze their heads until they pop like pimples.  

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