Kickass and the student loan

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that in its infinite grip on all life, the internet every now and then produces a woman calling the keeper offering help with his “student loan.”  The keeper’s education was financed by the GI bill and wages from such jobs as washing dishes at Cleveland’s lunch, a job he quit after Bill the proprietor chased the cook out of the kitchen with a butcher knife.

But a student loan–one of the worst things foisted upon an unsuspecting public by a greedy banking industry that later had to be bailed out to avoid complete ruin of the country and not one banker went to jail? The keeper did not have a student loan.

But wait!  He once borrowed $5 from UW roommate Al to finance a date with a beautiful young woman he later married.  He doesn’t remember paying Al back.  It’s too late now: Al has been gone for years.  The keeper says maybe he will send a fiver to Al’s widow Pat.  She can give it to a needy banker.

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