Kickass and the supreme court

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is working with the keeper to try to find something workable in recent Supreme Court decisions; and suggests that having made corporations into people with all of the attendant socially-destructive rights therein, funding religious schools with public money, striking a blow against gun control, and finally taking total control of all women’s private parts and lives, this all calls for the high court to franchise its work and establish nationwide dumb-down community centers offering bargain lobotomies-with fries, and flavor-of-the-day leech treatment.

Staffed by ED-threatened white men armed with assault rifles, these community outlets could occupy space previously used by public schools, with former teachers as hall monitors.  They might be called “Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Stink Tanks,” (CTSCST) and take as their collective advertising symbol an old buggy being pulled by an older undiapered horse.

If the keeper’s reaction to the latest offense by the narcissistic minority-representing government seems meaningless and frivolous, he defends it as the kind of thing that keeps him from assuming the fetal position and cluttering up living space just when Phyllis is trying to neaten up the discussion premises by recalling her days of working for Planned Parenthood.

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