Kickass and the table top miracle

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper has been making the claim that the stars are aligning for him in unimaginable ways, big, very big, good things are entering into his questionable orbit, and he says they were symbolized yesterday by a table top.

The history is that a recent storm blew a glass top off his deck table and smashed it into a million pieces against the stone wall, prompting the keeper to use some of the same words that show up in prayer but he was definitely not praying.

Being the discerning shopper that he is, he saw a used table top—just the top, leaning against a Habitat store: ten bucks, the right size, even the right color, and heavier than the one that got blown away.  There is simply no way to accurately describe the satisfaction this happenstance brought him.  A miracle, he calls it, and has the audacity to see it as the beginning of a streak.


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