Kickass and the “talker”

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is supporting the keeper in his efforts to introduce the “talker,” a device designed to do for talking what the “walker” does for walking for members of his age group.

As the “walker” prevents users from falling, the “talker” would prevent them from saying something stupid, an experience the keeper is familiar with.

Final design is not set, but “talkers” may be incorporated into covid masks.  Basically, a “talker” would sense a stupid remark about to be made and jolt the wearer with an electrical warning or a poke with a small prod.

Kickass notes that in the dog world, this would be nothing more than a form of muzzling as in shock collars, but whatever it is called he thinks it is not a bad idea.

The keeper does not use a “walker”–yet, but his need for a “talker” has been obvious for years. Just ask Phyllis.

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