Kickass and the ten comandments

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has in his paws a document recently leaked by a White House whistle blower who used a dog whistle that nobody heard.  The document has to do with the Ten Commandments and is appropriately released on this Sabbath:

“In a rewrite of the Commandments, POTUS takes adultery, stealing, lying and coveting off the ‘no-no’ list, and further stipulates that murder is also okay so long as it is committed on 5th Avenue.

“The ‘no-other-gods-before-me’ thing has been changed to ‘no-one-is-greater-than-me’; and taking POTUS’s ‘name in vain’ is encouraged as he is nothing if not vain.

“AG Barr has been ordered to have the new commandments etched in stone so there is no danger of them being ripped in half after the POTUS carries them down off Mt. St. Helen in Washington where a big rally is planned at the site of the 1980 volcanic eruption that, in the minds of POTUS followers, likely did not happen, but if it did, Hillary is to blame.”

Kickass will now be honoring the Sabbath to keep it as unlimited nap time!

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