Kickass and the ten foot pole

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is doing his best to restrain the keeper who has gone off the deep end with a scheme to introduce “ten foot poles” as a coronavirus-fighting tool.  Spinning off the old saying of not touching something or someone “with a ten foot pole,” the keeper’s plan would require everyone to carry a ten-foot pole at all times, making it not only difficult to navigate doors and elevators and public transportation, but also getting in and out of the car.  The pole could also be used to make a point with those who disdain other virus fighting measures, such as approaching closer than six feet.  Then there is the POTUS who says it may be a good idea to wear a face mask but he isn’t doing it.  A whack over the head with a ten foot pole seems to be just what the POTUS and his ilk need.

The keeper expects no praise for his ten-foot-pole plan, and says he is simply trying to do his part in this difficult time.



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