Kickass and the tomato priority


Kickass, the doorstop dog, says it is unfortunate that dogs do not have an appreciation for tomatoes, judging by the keeper’s reaction to the first tomato from the pots he tends out in his rock pile.  The world and life in general is fraught with so damn many issues that need attention—not the least of which is the commander in collusion saying for months that there was no collusion, and now contending that collusion is not a crime, even, apparently, when it includes foreign threats to the very basis of democracy.

But this, and the abject destruction of our natural environment at the hands of greedy narcissists, not to mention government orphaned kids and tax cuts for the rich, all of these things take a back seat to the incredible flavor of that first Brandywine tomato at breakfast this morning.

You simply have to keep your priorities in line, according to the keeper, and hope to hell there is a long season of those wonderful tomatoes.

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