Kickass and the train leaves town

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports the keeper says the end of the RNC has left him with the feeling you might get when a train carrying toxic pollutants finally leaves town.  Work remains in fumigating the premises, particularly the South Lawn which saw an explosion of narcissistic crab grass and noxious weeds.  The last-day scene, with its dictator-themed program and its line-up of such knee-slaping comics as Mitch and the orange PUTUS had the entertainment value of a combination funeral and sheriff’s sale.

The sad saga prompted the keeper to compare it with undisciplined teenagers taking advantage of somebody’s parents’ absence and using the vacant house to throw a bacchanalian bash.

The offensive political train that finally left town had the boring appearance of lined-up oil cars, but at least it left the tracks vacant for something more cheerful.  Maybe something like the circus train that once was a part of the Wisconsin summer scene back when decency reigned..

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