Kickass and the turkey nest

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper was chagrined yesterday as his wild—and largely futile, morel meandering inadvertently caused a hen turkey to explode off her nest, leaving her eggs somewhat scattered and her distress obvious in her scolding chirps.  The sanctity of a “home,” particularly at such a crucial reproductive time, is a universal verity, reinforced now with humans as the coronavirus  “stay home” tactic holds sway.  The keeper apologizes to the turkey hen, and has the audacity to compare his rude turkey nest disturbance to those who deny science and resist sensible coronavirus precautions, thus putting millions of human “nests” at risk.  Hen turkeys incubate their clutches of 9-13 eggs for 28 days, and have a 10 to 40 percent hatch success, after which only 25 percent of the poults make it through their first four weeks.  Those are scientific turkey facts.  Similar science-based—and distressing numbers are available for coronavirus-nesting humans.  Unfortunately, there are those in the POTUS led gang who stumble around in the cultural woods as ineffectually as the keeper in his morel quest, and who disseminate their flat-earth opinions with evangelical fervor.  In Wisconsin—with the recent state Supreme Court blessing, they can now express their arm-waving ignorance in the taverns.

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