Kickass and the USPS

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that while dogs’ methods of communicating do not include using the US Postal Service, many dogs do consider it a serious duty to challenge USPS letter carriers on a daily basis.  Using mythological reasoning that postal workers are aliens sent from another planet to steal dog treats, dogs find it convenient to ignore the truth that USPS is staffed with dedicated good guys and women—many of them dog lovers, who do the impossible on a daily basis and who are kicked around as the ultimate political football.

The keeper agrees, and adds that now, as the POTUS is wont to do, he has put one of his narcissistic millionaire minions—Louis DeJay, in charge of the USPS with the avowed mission to destroy it so there can be no mail-in voting by the coronavirus-plagued populace, and the profitable aspects of the delivery business will accrue to DeJay’s companies.

Of all the outrageous moves by the orange Potus, this is among the more serious, the keeper says, and has the potential of destroying the basic tenent—free and open voting, of democracy.  Kickass sees it as yet one more reason why, for the past three-plus years, there has been no First dog in the White House: not even the dumbest dog could tolerate the prevailing BS stench emanating from the Oval Office and the First Family quarters.

The keeper notes that with more than five million US coronavirus cases and some 160,000 deaths, with no end in sight, the POTUS and DeJay’s crippling of the USPS and the resulting curtailment of mail-in voting present aspects of a death march–for thousands of individuals and a political system that includes decency and compassion.

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