Kickass and the UW women


Kickass, the doorstop dog, is doing his best to rein in the keeper’s soaring ego as a result of his recent Margaret’s War novel promotion before a group of mostly women affiliated with the UW Ag school.  Not only was the room full of attractive, intelligent women, and a few men, but the keeper’s lunch companions were Ruth and Jerry Apps, Jerry being the wizard of all things book writing and promotion.  To say that the keeper was intimidated would be a gross understatement, but to his credit he carried on without wetting his pants, and even—with Jerry’s help, sold a few books.  The keeper thanks Judy Barth for the invite, and having made the point that a big part of Margaret’s War’s theme is the disempowerment of women, he feels as if he might have contributed to something like the Women’s March on Washington.  There is no limit to his audacity.

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