Kickass and the vasectomy

Kickass, the doorstop dog, supports the keeper in his contention that there is no more offensive male excess than men who think they have a right to control a woman’s reproductive life.

So he—the keeper is with Rolanda Hollis, who introduced into the Alabama legislature a bill that would demand that all men get a vasectomy within one month of their 50th birthday or after the birth of three biological offspring.  In her words, “It takes two to tango,” and men need to share responsibility for the results of the dance.  Hollis is responding to another Alabama bill that outlaws all abortions.

Back in the dark ages when he was writing for the Milwaukee Journal’s Sunday magazine–almost 50 years ago, the keeper did a very personal piece on getting a vasectomy, proving, perhaps, that there wasn’t anything immune from his “selfie” approach to journalism, and that he was and still is with those who think a woman’s body is hers alone to do as she sees fit. Phyllis, who worked for Planned Parenthood for some years, is in obvious agreement.

The keeper took Army basic training in Alabama and volunteered to go to a shooting war to get the hell out of the state.



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