Kickass and the vultures

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in being incensed at what the Wis. Repugnants are trying to do to tie the hands of the incoming Governor and his administration, while also amending such vital issues as redistricting in the Repub’s favor.  This is in the mode of the “drop the bomb” tactics of sleazy outgoing political office boy Walker who for the first time in his life will not be on a government payroll.

Kickass, gropes for a metaphor—finally waking up to a fox in the hen house and not being able to chase it out, this is inadequate.  So how about a flock of vultures picking at what they were sure was a lifeless carcass, only to discover that it wasn’t quite dead after all, and if they want to rip off more quality flesh than they already have they had better open their narcissistic beaks wider.

It’s a stretch, but neither Kickass nor the keeper apologizes, and they will be doing their damndest to shoo the Repub vultures back to the Wisconsin woods and the remains of the gut piles from last month’s deer season which will put them on a more appropriate diet.


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