Kickass and the white house pillow fight

Kickass. the doorstop dog, reports that the “fake” news media is just now beginning to put together details of the great pillow fight that ensued at the White House last month when “MyPillow” guy Mike Lindell visited the Trump family with a truck-load of pillows, personal greetings from God, and a supply of Oleandrin which he said would cure the coronavirus even though it is extracted from a deadly poisonous plant and has not been tested.  The POTUS said it sounded interesting.

The first pillow was thrown by the POTUS using the overhand technique he perfected while throwing rolls of paper towels to hungry and desperate hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico.  The pillow was aimed at Melania but sailed over her head and hit Don Jr just as he was taking a sip of truth serum, the standard White House drink.  From then on pillows flew in all directions, one striking 16-year-old Barron who is now taller—and smarter, than his father.

Acknowledging the impossibility of keeping the pillow fight quiet, the Repub’s have decided to use it as a video in their coming national convention, asserting that it will show the POTUS’s strong throwing arm, his “only-I-can-fix-it” attitude, and the togetherness of the Trump family.

The pillow fight video may or may not be narrated by Anderson Cooper who recently compared Lindell to a “snake oil peddler,” and said he was in the White House to make money for the Oleandrin producing corp where he sits on the board of directors.  “How do you sleep at night?” Cooper asked Lindell.

Obviously Lindell sleeps with his pillow, and God, the keeper suggests, and fits right in with the crazy narcissistic White House crowd..




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