Kickass and the wild cucumbers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper returned from one of his meaningless countryside meanders further convinced that plants have attitudes, and wild cucumbers are now expressing an unusual intensity to their opinion that they may be coming to the party stylishly late but, by god, the dance is all for them.

The cucumbers’ lime-white blossoms are all over the green landscape, clinging and climbing over everything, and there is a sense that if the keeper stood still for a minute or so, the vines would encompass him like a…., well, maybe like a bridal veil, and he would find himself wedded to Mother Earth with an intimacy of unbounded proportions.

It is hoped he would consult with the White Pine, which he has been communicating with all of his life, to see what their attitude might be about him prostrating himself on the green alter of summer with the wild cucumbers.


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