Kickass and the windshield survey

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis spent part of the 4thof July doing one of their windshield surveys to assure themselves that, despite a political state of chaos, there is a comforting dominant normalcy prevailing in the natural world and it is interesting to see how those who live closest to it cope with its idiosyncrasies.

            *Mama cows are doing serious parenting.

            *Wind and rain have flattened grain to make it difficult to harvest.

            *Excess rain has made lakes of low-lying corn fields as farmers adjust.

            *The country road ditches are fantastic flower displays missed by the speeding Interstate travelers.

            *A windshield survey that includes dancing with erratic thunderstorm partners can be an exciting, if not humbling  thing, much more so than emotions generated by the biggest manmade fireworks imaginable.

            *The keeper and Phyllis recommend getting out there while the windshield summer view is so spectacular and naturally unpredictable.

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