Kickass and thunder storms


Kickass, the doorstop dog, unlike some dogs, is not afraid of thunder and lightning, but like the keeper, he is becoming concerned about the rain that just doesn’t stop.  For years, the keeper paid for flood insurance until it dawned on him that if his house on top of the bluff ever does flood it will be due to the melting of glaciers somewhere up near Stevens Point and Marshfield.  Since these glaciers have not even started to form yet, the insurance flood provision was cancelled and the keeper put a check mark by his insurance agent’s name so he would remember to never buy him a beer.  He also checked his policy to see if it covered damage from falling heavenly objects, his thinking being that if The Big Holy Boss does not soon get angry enough at the current political machinations to start throwing things there isn’t a lot of hope left.  A plummeting harp could do a lot of roof damage.

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