Kickass and Titanic course change

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in noting that according to yesterday’s official Nov. 8 Auction results, the ship of state–otherwise known as the USS Political Titanic has altered course only slightly and now will not hit the iceberg, but instead crash into Labrador Canada where alarmed Canadians will refuse entry to all passengers who do not have at least several million dollars and who avow allegiance to the tooth fairy.

After refueling, the USS Political Titanic will sail for the US Land of Oz with the hope of securing badly needed brains, hearts, courage and the way back home for all passengers, most of whom have flunked the “I am not a robot” test.

Kickass and the keeper will be napping now, resting up for the Hollowdays so they can help Phyllis trim the tree and bake cookies.

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