Kickass and toilet paper love

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper, acknowledging the deadly seriousness of the coronavirus threat, is reassessing his “smart ass” inclinations, and bowing to a more thoughtful commentator who explains that buying extra toilet paper is simply acting out personal fear, and those who do so need love, not ridicule or criticism.  The thoughtful writer says that when the toilet paper purchaser is made fun of, it only serves to drive people apart, when what is desperately needed at this critical time is for people to be together, to exhibit love for one another.

Well, yeah, the keeper says, that makes sense, and he expresses boundless love for everyone, no matter how much toilet paper they bought; and he and Phyllis particularly extend their love to the likes of Kim and Dick and Cyndy and Tim and others who typify the countless Samaritans who recognize the critical need for togetherness and help at this time and act accordingly.

The time will come when the grocery list that Dick voluntarily shops for the self-isolated keeper and Phyllis will include toilet paper, and its delivery will never know a smart-ass reaction, just love.

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