Kickass and Tribune Tower space

Kickass, the doorstop dog, unable to do much about the keeper’s thought process, is helpless now as the keeper considers the makeover of Chicago’s Tribune Tower into apartments and wonders who is now sleeping and living in his old office space.

He hopes it is people with an appreciation for history who might like to know that at one time the small office the keeper occupied was in a cluster of other offices occupied by the likes of Kathy O’Malley, Bob Greene, Ann Keegan, and others. Briefly, the keeper shared an office with movie critic Gene Siskel who was rarely present. The offices of Ann Landers and Mike Royko were on higher floors.

If a space can be conditioned to offer the necessary elements for comfortable living, let the record show that in his tiny corner Tribune office the keeper sometimes put his feet up on the desk and appeared to be napping when he was actually deep-thinking the contents of tomorrow’s column.

It is the keeper’s hope that the occupants of his former Tribune space will take note and when they appear to be sleeping soundly they will in fact be seriously plotting how to sneak over to the Billy Goat tavern for a beer.

Preserving journalistic traditions is important.

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