Kickass and trickle down

Kickass, the doorstop dog, asks if it is not totally appropriate for a dog to examine the effects of the “trickle-down” theory as applied to either a dog’s method of marking territory or the Republican’s inclination to give tax breaks to the richest one percent.  It has been found that if enough dogs mark territory on a tree, that tree, depending on its size, will eventually become weak and diseased and, over the long haul, lacking healthy watering, it will die.  Likewise, an economy based on “trickle down” becomes diseased when only a few of the richest citizens get richer and richer while most of the populace struggles to exist on the edge of abject poverty.  Other things fall into line: incredibly rich bankers who wreck the economy are bailed out under trickle down, while homeless and hungry shoplifters get hit over the head by the justice system gavel even if they are simply trying to feed their kids.  Kickass suggests it is time for dogs to move from trees to fire hydrants, and for an economic revolution that trickles up to forcefully wash some of the “filth” off the filthy rich.



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