Kickass and troops in town

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes on info from the keeper that during his–the keeper’s long-ago school-boy days, there were military troops in even his small town of Barron, WI. But they were not there to harass protestors in a tactic to divert attention away from leadership failure.  The troops had the legitimate function of guarding German POWs that were in the US by the hundreds of thousands toward the end of WW II.

Several hundred POWs were sent to Barron in the summers of 1944 and “45 to help with crop harvesting and processing, creating the occasion of a war-isolated populace suddenly coming face to face with the enemy that had been killing its sons and brothers for years.  There were 38 such POW camps in Wisconsin and hundreds more across the country.

The circumstance of confronting a war enemy and transcending the “they-are-monsters” wartime propaganda to see the POWs as similar victims of manipulation by narcissistic and greedy leaders posed the question of, why the hell are we—common human innocents, killing each other?  Unfortunately, the question had a short duration.

The keeper used the WW-II POW situation as the backdrop for his novel, “Margaret’s War, ( or Amazon) and wonders if a future novelist dealing with the current chaos might use the disempowerment of women as a plot devise as the keeper did?

Sometimes Kickass wishes he could read.




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