Kickass and Trump Pence signs

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis have returned from their north woods tour in apparent good health, but the keeper is considering therapy for his inability to accept the presence of Trump/Pence signs violating the green summer beauty of the state’s wild landscape.  It isn’t simply a hostile reaction to the expression of opposing political views, it is a sadness that Wisconsin residents behind those signs are obviously partially responsible for the multiple POTUS travesties that have demeaned everyone’s life, including the sign-posters’, for the past three plus years.

That the keeper retreats to the liberal enclave of Madison and then badmouths the outstate Trumpers is, of course, his right, but risks him being labeled a bleeding-heart socialist with no more money sense than a rabbit.

That’s okay.   The keeper can live with that, even when it comes from the Trump/Pence sign posters on the edges of the spruce swamps.  He wishes he had the capacity to accept their support of a narcissistic, misogynistic, greedy liar as simply different political judgment calls.  But he does not.  It is impossible to get past the prostitute-paying, handicap-ridiculing, racist-baiting, greedy history of their failed and flailing candidate.

The keeper will be filling in his mail-in ballot now.



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