Kickass and underwear innovation

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports the keeper still deeply involved in his research into coughing as a hobby, plans to add investigation into whether or not the tone of the rest of your day can be inferred when it starts with both legs inadvertently inserted into one underwear leg opening.

In the first place, what is the frequency of such an occurrence? Does it happen more often with men or women?  And are there verifiable accounts of it causing serious mishaps, and if so in what age group, though some easy assumptions in that regard might be made.

Further, are there any accounts of the two-legs-in-one-leg-hole going uncorrected and people going through the entire day with, in effect, wearing only half of their underwear?

It is this kind of fact finding that sets trends, makes style statements and gives meaning to life; and the keeper anxiously awaits input from respondents of all ages, genders, and asks them to keep in mind that a culture that considers it cool to wear baseball caps backwards may be ready for some weird underwear innovation.

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