Kickass and unmasking

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports several unmasking events in the keeper’s life at the independent living quarters he shares with Phyllis.  He, the keeper was more than gratified by the unmasking to learn that it was indeed Phyllis who has been enriching his life in a thousand ways since even way before the onset of the Covid thing.  He actually thought it was her, but the Covid issue and other unexpected things have combined to sow doubt in his life:  At the Coventry pub gathering recently, a masked woman the keeper suspected was Lin Cheney turned out to be Barbara from down on the second floor.

The joy of the unmasking knows no age qualifications: the young may claim something special in finally seeing each other full-face, but there is incomparable thrill for the elderly in pulling off the masks and looking in the mirror to see that they are still part of the post-Covid scene.

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