Kickass and unnatural selection

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper and Phyllis in noting the anniversary of one of the more egregious indications that the human species is destined to do itself in by unnatural selection whereby tribal decisions are made by the dumbest, man-in-the-sky believers who see truth as whatever they say it is while ignoring such things as scientific facts, the benefits of majority representation and the good sense their walk-on-water god gave to a rock.

It has been a year since the shameless Supine Court imposed its arrogance on long-suffering females by demanding to make very personal reproductive decisions for them, including that ten-year-old incest or rape victims be forced to have the babies of the men who violated them, and creating a medical world too intimidated to save the lives of women with troubled pregnancies.

That such an outrageous circumstance is opposed by the majority of both men and women and yet has been in place for a year is contrary to the natural selection that puts smart alpha leaders in place to ensure species survival.

The gerrymandered democracy has become the playground of the rich. It has been kidnapped and is not functioning in the citizenry’s best interests.

Everyone knows that, especially the women on this anniversary of the Roe v Wade reversal.

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