Kickass and UPPER BUNK

Kicksss, the doorstop dog, reports that on day two of their mountain/glacier escapade, the keeper and Phyllis are adjusting to the verity that “when you reach the age where putting on your shoes in the morning is viewed as an accomplishment” it might be wise to think twice about a travel accommodation that includes an elevated bunk, such as the one in the roommette where they find themselves as the Empire Builder carries them across a greening Wisconsin and toward the great Prairie.
The challenge of the climb into an upper is compounded by the fact of a bladder having evolved to become the command organ and demanding middle of the night attention.
The train food is excellent, the backyard wild-area views are most interesting, and the “no driving” travel is very relaxing.
Tonight – another “go” at the “upper” as the foothills loom.


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