Kickass and VA sleep lab

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the VA, in its thoroughness of monitoring how the keeper lives, recently looked into how he sleeps.  Details are yet to come, but the wired-up night in the VA sleep lab impressed the keeper yet again with the dedication of the VA staff, Monica specifically as she patiently and professionally took him through the procedure.

As a veteran, the keeper’s long life has been shaped in no small measure by the GI bill and the UW days it provided; now in its mode of putting off the final curtain call, his life is again shaped by having been a veteran: for decades a long list of efficient, caring VA experts in cooperation with UW personnel, have dealt with everything from heart bypass to kidney stones, and they have done it with efficiency and compassion.

An old cliché expression–“As I live and breathe” comes to mind, and the keeper acknowledges that as it applies to him, the payback for getting shot at in Korea is more than settled thanks to the GI Bill and the VA.

The view of Lake Mendota from the 6th floor sleep lab room was spectacular.


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