Kickass and vaping


Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper’s vehicle license contains “VAP” along with three numbers, which could get him identified as being involved in the current political brouhaha over vaping, the latest idiocy foisted on a gullible public, particularly the high school crowd.

As a reminder, the Sunday morning news carried a story that the POTUS told his Health sec. Alex Azar, “I never should have done that f——- vaping thing.”   This is a typical classy POTUS statement and is his typical response to pressure from business interests that see profit in addicting kids to their products.  It goes along with the Administration’s removal of some of the common sense health requirements in the school lunch programs, promoted, of course, by opportunistic food producers who don’t give a damn that 19 percent of HS kids are obese, and 14 million of them are on track for diabetes.

The keeper is thinking of applying for a vanity license plate that replaces “VAP” with “VOTE” but it is likely already taken, probably by someone wearing a red lettered baseball cap and who has fat kids.


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