Kickass and Veterans Day

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper on this Day to celebrate Veteran obsolescence; and to recognize the brutal truth that there is apparently no way to make heroes out of those who might somehow defend the country against internal ignorance and rampant misinformation.

It is one thing to arm the youth and send them out to kill the youth of another country over territorial or political issues, and then to honor the survivors—veterans, for having done so.  It is quite another thing to identify the enemy as those among us who would destroy the nation by eliminating voting and refusing to accept election results.

Foxhole warfare with its bloody horror and its recipe for creating veteran heroes from the fortunate survivors has largely been replaced by distant desk-bound drone operators who never hear the explosions and the screams of the dying.  This pushbutton war-making may get the killing job done, but it has yet to evolve a method whereby its participants can be identified and recognized as honored veterans for their efforts.

Today may be one of the last Veterans Days.  The keeper hopes it is not one of the last days for a Democracy unable to figure out how to wage war against itself and its internal enemies of stupidity and misinformation.


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