Kickass and visit to clan

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is doing his best to help the keeper and Phyllis come down from their train-ride visit to that branch of the clan occupying the high ground in leafy, lake-saturated suburbs west of Minneapolis.  Hosts Larry and Linda orchestrated a whirlwind of overdue hugs, exceptional table fare and unabridged story telling.

Perhaps the release from Covid restrictions contributed, but the exuberance rose to such expansive raucous levels that Nick had to use a drone to photograph it from his back-yard deck.

Though a limited deference was given to the keeper due to his age, it is very apparent that all clan members favor talking over listening, and it was sometimes necessary to turn hearing aids down or remove them entirely.

From his patriarchal position, the keeper came away from the visit reassured that as grandchildren and great grandchildren go, his are the best; and he is incredibly privileged: despite myriad social issues and whatever they bring, there is reason for him to be reassured that his clan will be there, shouting, laughing, jumping into each others’ arms, and relishing the wonderful lives they share with each other, their dogs and the wild creatures that patrol their back yards.

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