Kickass and vista west sailing

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper’s latest winter survival technique is to imagine that the Vista West building that he and Phyllis live in is actually a big cruise ship with an uncertain itinerary; and one of the daily entertainment opportunities is to try to guess just where the heck it is sailing today.

Lately the USS Vista West has obviously been navigating cold, gray arctic seas and the keeper has been watching for polar bears and caribou. However, so far he has only spotted what he thought to be an authentic Eskimo with a pet seal but that turned out to be a Vista West neighbor walking his dog.

The recent port-of-calls for the USS Vista West have not been worthy of visitation, due to a boring sameness and icy sidewalks, so Phyllis and the keeper have stayed on board, hanging around the gallery and the ship library and avoiding bathroom scales.

The ship log shows that the USS Vista West has a history of having sailed warm, near-tropical seas, and it may do so again in four or five months. The keeper and Phyllis hope to be on board and

recovered from the seasickness of winter.

            In the meantime, Jan. 23. 2024 is another gray day of sailing with the threat of passenger mutiny.

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