Kickass and Walmart jobs

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, operating under the arrangement that everyone is now an unpaid employee of Walmart, took it upon himself to seek out a uniformed supervisor to suggest that a befuddled elderly couple that he had been inadvertently watching needed some help as they struggled to find the right “reader” glasses from a confusing display.

The supervisor retrieved an employee from the optical department who spent enough time with the shopping couple to help them choose the appropriate readers.

The supervisor gave the keeper a distant fist-pump as he–the keeper continued his Walmart job of trying unsuccessfully to find the right Tylenol according to Phyllis’s specs.

The incident adds to the keeper’s Walmart job description of “Product selector, check-out clerk, stock boy, semi-unloader” the title of “Walmart snoop,” which calls for him to identify misery and confusion, especially if it is age-related, and then try to get someone to fix it.

         A shopping tactic that the keeper once used to good effect at another department store is to stand near the door and shout “HELP! HELP!” as loud as possible.

         That’s it for today from the Walmart snoop.

         Happy shopping.

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