Kickass and watching the geese

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis, weary of riding the political avalanche to the debris at the bottom of the mountain, stepped off briefly to be with the geese.  Amassed on unused municipal soccer fields, hundreds of geese lounged and grazed in an exemplary example of socializing.  Distances were kept, and then ignored for repositioning; every goose watched every other goose; and when one appeared to experience something of a neck-lowered, running objection to something in the status quo, the other geese watched the unusual individual display with mild honking and then went back to their grazing and preening.

One goose, with unusual plumage stood out from the rest, but was obviously not a problem to the others as it commingled in obvious “gaggle” compatibility.

In the last hour of the day, an apparent plan was acted on as small groups first appeared to get members’ attention with honking and neck-stretching immobility, and then the involved birds spread their great wings and pumped themselves into the air to abandon the soccer fields to the coming night.

The keeper and Phyllis went home then to a delayed cocktail hour, during which the keeper said that sometimes he wished he were a goose, and Phyllis said sometimes he was, and so was she.  They drank to that.

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