Kickass and wet pants

Since the keeper was a little boy with the world’s orneriest Shetland pony named Silver, he dreamed of being a cowboy in New Mexico. It never happened. But a fortuitous travel occasion found him in New Mexico this day and instead of being a heroic range rider and outlaw chaser he emerged a desperate man of indiscriminate age who was afraid he was destined to wet his pants. Ignoring an obvious rest stop opportunity followed by the sudden entrapment in stalled traffic were involved.

Other adult travelers may identify with the keeper’s dilemma–even as traffic did not move so much as an inch for nearly an hour–his frantic thoughts of peeing in an empty health drink bottle.  In the end he managed to avert disaster in the lee side of an emergency off ramp tree, and there aren’t many trees in that part of New Mexico. So, all is well and the keeper takes away from the experience this bit of advice:  Do not necessarily share all of your personal body miseries with your traveling companion because it is not fair to involve them, even one so compassionate and caring as Phyllis.

So, the would/be New Mexico cowboy in his physical comeuppance will never again pass up a rest-stop opportunity and advises others to follow his example.  Hi-ho Silver!


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