Kickass and white house horse manure

Kickass, the doorstop dog, sharing the keeper’s awe of Nature and its universal problem solving capacities, cannot avoid the obvious application of a panda bear study in China whereby the black and white bears smear themselves with horse manure, to the current US Repubs smearing themselves with Trumpism.

A Smithsonian writer reports that in a ten year study of pandas in a China reserve, the bears have been repeatedly filmed smearing their entire fur covering with fresh horse manure in what may be a response to cold weather.

The article says in part: “The iconic bears were incredibly thorough, first rolling around on the ground in the fresh feces, then using their paws to rub it into every patch of fur to make sure everything is entirely covered.”

The study isolated chemicals called “sesquiterpenes” in the horse manure that may be the attraction to the pandas; and this was tested on other species—mice for example, and found to cause similar odd behavior.

Sesquiterpenes shows up in other places, the Chinese researchers found, and there is no reason to doubt that they are  present around the White House: why else would the Repubs roll around in what can only be considered Trump’s version of horse manure: it has to be the sesquiterpenes!”

Isn’t Nature wonderful!

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