Kickass and Willie’s birthday

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joined the keeper and Phyllis in watching the parade of old country music stars celebrate Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday on Sunday night TV, and proclaimed the time well spent considering the age group involved and alternative entertainment options.

As a symbol of ignoring old age as a fact of life, and death, Willie and his beat-up old guitar that he calls “Trigger” inspire the likes of the keeper to get “on the road again” with his long-term writing project that might easily be deemed inappropriate and even ridiculous for someone older than Willie.

As Willie is not intimidated by the possibility of a half-sung song some day in the future, the keeper is not put off by the odds of an incomplete Great American Novel as part of his cluttered final handoff.

Maybe he will give his word processor a “Trigger” type name, something like “Egor” or maybe just “Ego.”

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