Kickass and windshield relevance

Kickass, the doorstop dog, supports the keeper’s contention that injecting relevance into memories is something he should spend more time at, considering his inclination to loiter in memory lane.

So, there is the memory of the keeper’s first off-farm job at Cliff Horstman’s service station when a driver pulled up to the pumps just after a rooster pheasant had crashed into his windshield. There were pheasant guts, parts and excrement spread across the entire windshield, and in those days it was a station attendant’s job to wash the windshield before inquiring of a driver as to what his purchase plans might be.

Usually, of course, a windshield cleaning meant dealing only with dead bugs and road dirt but not the unpleasant remains of an avian disaster.

What the keeper does with his windshield memory in the interests of relevance is apply it to today’s political scene and imagine that he and Phyllis and everyone else are faced with a political windshield covered with the blood, guts and excrement of a gaudy rooster that mistakenly thought he could fly anywhere without repercussions.

First use lots of water, then the sponge and the scraper and then the chamois and finish off with the blue paper towels, as per Cliff’s instructions.

The keeper vividly remembers that his pheasant customer didn’t buy anything, not even a candy bar.

Let the relevance flow!

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